Wednesday 14 July 2010

The Extra Mile Podcast Experiment- Episode 5


Obviously there's NO way we are going to STOP running in this heat, but there MUST be some things we can do to help up get the job done and stay upright!

In this episode, we talk about a few things that can do just that!

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Stuff mentioned in this episode:

Jeff Galloway

Hammer Nutrition

The Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success


Enjoy your extra mile...
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Enjoy the show and have a great training week. Kevin, Chris and Nigel.
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Unknown said...

Great episode! It was really nice to hear a discussion on the science of nutrition and electrolyte balance, despite it sounding a *little* bit like an infomercial (not that it took away from the discussion, but hey, he was trying to sell his stuff, right?).

I have downloaded the nutrition guide and will be learning about their products, so I guess it worked. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kevin- Fascinating discussion. I learned a lot. Thanks.