Monday, 28 January 2008

TEM 17- Eposode 17

In this episode, lets meet some more fellow runners from all over the planet, as well as our own back yards!

In addition, lets have some fun with Adam Tinkoff's question posed last episode about our Nike+ "Power Song"

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Enjoy the show and have a great training week.Kevin, Chris, Nigel and John

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Nigelrunner said...

I nearly fell in the canal laughing at the body hair removal comments.

I didn't actually ever shave that strip of chest hair, but I entertained the idea !


Jim J said...

I nearly fell off the TM when Kevin did the promo for my bike trainer workout. "He popped in a video and started breathing hard!" That was good!!!!

Jim J

Zen Runner said...

Muskrat Love? Oh man... that was classic. Great episode. Many smiles.

Crumbs said...

Hi - Miami Runner here, just letting you know I love your podcast and that I've let the readers of my blog know about it. Keep it up!

Crumbs said...

Link I forgot to add