Wednesday 24 February 2010

TEM - 62 Episode 62


Check this out! Another episode posted and it's been just over a week since the last episode! Very cool!

I'm getting a lot of GREAT submissions so PLEASE keep them up!!!

The stretches that Adam mentions in this episode can be found at:

The music featured in this show is all from, the podsafe music network :

"Run Away" by Alan Woodall Band

Enjoy your extra mile...

Please feel free to send us your submissions to:

or call out comment line at:


Enjoy the show and have a great training week. Kevin, Chris and Nigel.

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1 comment:

elma said...

Ooh look - my shirt! How exciting. If you want to see what's on the back, see here:
I still haven't worked out how to do the recording thang but one day soon I'll venture into the scary puter shop and ask about such things.