Friday, 30 May 2008

TEM 23 - Episode 23


In this episode, The Extra Mile Podcast decides it's TIME TO GET THIS PARTY STARTED! So give a listen to what some of your friends have planned for the World Wide Half and get the low down on a brand new race and web site from everyones Zen Bud, Adam Tinkoff!!

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Enjoy the show and have a great training week.

Kevin, Chris, Nigel and John

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I got mentioned! That's unexpected. Not that there's much reason but if anyone is interested in my blog it's for some reason the link you put in your post just took people to my profile page and showed 2 of my private blogs not my main one. Thanks for the inclusion!

CewTwo said...

Yep! Great show! Especially that one fellow!

Yep, Steve! (hehehe)

Anonymous said...

Great 'cast...took you on my 10 miler today and was very inspired. Marathon Chris really hit home talking about doing it not for speed, but for health and fitness. I placed in my AG yesterday at a 5k and was still disappointed. This kicked me back into line!

I'll be doing the WWH at the Hartford Half in CT which becomes my "home state" for the next 5 months as of July. It will fit nicely I think into my taper for my 2nd MCM (which I chose after Steve's cast on it). I'll be training under the guidance of Terry from Gravity 1053'. I look forward to more casts and hearing everyones' progress as the year rolls along!