Tuesday, 3 February 2009

TEM 35- Episode 35


Besides having some very interesting updates from fellow runners this week, I would like to pose the question above to each of you.
Running is a passion of ours and whenever we have a passion, I think we all enjoy life more.
But there is always something we wish we could do. Something maybe way in the back of our minds we want, no, we NEED to do one day before we "Kick the Bucket".
So how about sharing that list with your friends? How about sending us a submission, or calling the hot line and telling us all just what it is you have on your Running Bucket List? And if you haven't stopped to give it any thought, maybe it's time you did. Maybe there are things on there you will do this week, this month. Or maybe things so lofty you may not get them done for years, but things you need to accomplish before you make that sprint to the pearly gates.
Check out what's going on all over the place this week with some people you will recognize and some we hope you will get to know better.
Stuff in this weeks episode to check out:
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Enjoy the show and have a great training week. Kevin, Chris and Nigel.
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Drusy said...

Hey Kevin! I was inspired to think about your list... but when I tried to upload from my iRiver, my Mac crashes. I just loaded the new iLife09. Heard of anyone else with this problem?