Wednesday, 5 September 2007

TEM#8 - Episode 8

Welcome back MOJO! Yeah Baby!!!
In this episode, we welcome our MOJO back! And none too soon!! Just a few weeks left before the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon!!

Listen to your fellow runners describe how their training is going and how they are preparing for their upcoming races, especially now that they have their favorite running partners back.

Updates this week from these fellow runners and listeners:

Susan (Our very special St. Jude Heroe)

Petra (with her FULL bottle of MOJO!)

Thoughts from Jim (He's a runner)


And if you have been dying to get involved with this podcast but, well... lets see how Maritza describes it when she was called out for NOT sending us anything:

"Um...because we have no idea how to do it! I tried to check if my phone had some sort of option, since I heard someone doing that on one episode, but I don't think I do. Also, I don't have any of the recording thingies I've heard! I would love to participate if I could!"

Well no more Maritza!! The Extra Mile Podcast proudly announces the addition of:

So get to the phone right now and call us at 513-397-0525 and leave a short (2 minute limit) comment or training update. Please make sure to email us a cute picture of your little mug so we can paste it all over the Internet!

The music featured in this show is all from, the podsafe music network :

"Back To New York" by The Stone Coyotes

"Run Away" by Alan Woodall Band

You can now vote for us over on Podcast Alley, or subscribe with iTunes

Enjoy the show and have a GREAT training week.Chris, Kevin and Nigel.

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CewTwo said...

Chris, Kevin and Nigel,

Thank you so much for this podcast. The phone number was brilliant! Petra and Susan made such an impression.

Everyone with a presentation humbled me with my training. I am reviewing what I am doing and am going to push myself a bit more in my training now.

I loved Chris' comments about our community. People I "talk" to all of the time gave me a new view on this fascination of mine with running.

Thank you, each and everyone of you, that contributed to this podcast!

I am humbled and inspired!

Charlie White

Mike said...

Great episode!

Way to go Susan, being a St. Jude Hero!

This week my Mojo was gone, and life was destroying my training schedule. I had a good day today, and hopefully this next week will be great! With tomorrow being spent at the Amusement park, how can it go wrong? :)

Keep it up,
Mike the Noob Runner

P.S. I'm glad you liked my iTunes comment, Kevin.

Nigelrunner said...


Awesome episode. I listened to the show on my Sunday run this morning and it was like having a whole running club of buddies with me. Very cool !


Petraruns said...

Kevin, Nigel and Chris - thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute and also for giving me the opportunity to listen to all those wonderful running buddies. Can't believe you three can fit this into your lives - we all really appreciate it. Thanks!