Tuesday, 23 March 2010


It's time to make the announcement I've been "teasing" you with for the last few episodes. More on it on my next post, but I wanted to get this "Promo" posted to let you have a taste!

Please click HERE to download the promo.
Click HERE to visit Jeff's website for more information!!!



CewTwo said...
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MarathonChris said...

Wow!!! This is going to be great! I already have questions for Jeff :-)

Jeff Galloway's Run-Walk-Run method was the way I trained for my first 5K and first marathon - the way I became a runner. I still have walking breaks built into all my runs. I refer people all the time to his website when they express an interest in getting into running and maybe doing a 5k.

Looking forward to listening to the experiment submissions!

Susan said...

Count me IN!!!!

zippoo said...

Jeff Galloway's Run-Walk-Run method works great I trained for my first marathon this way and plan to use it in my training for my first 50k Trail Marathon Sept. 2010. If your goal is to stay injury free and finish feeling like a RockStar go Galloway. Thank You for the Podcast Experiment. Run well Run Strong!!

Laura Malis said...

Last weekend used Jeff Galloway method to run my first half and now I am toying with the idea of trying a Marathon in Jacksonville in Feburary. Need the inspiration that your podcast is providing.