Thursday, 28 June 2007

TEM#1 - Welcome to the Extra Mile Podcast !

Hello everyone an welcome to the first episode of "The Extra Mile Podcast". Its great to have you along and we really hope you enjoy the show that we've put together.

The Extra Mile Podcast has been put together by online running buddies : Marathon Chris, Kevin Bonks and Nigel Staffordshire.

The Extra Mile Podcast is a podcast for runners who are training for fall half and full marathons to share their training progress with other runners. Runners training for the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon in October 2007 will provide regular, short audio updates on the progress of their training from week to week. We hope that this will encourage and inspire fellow runners as we train together through the coming months.

If you'd like to contribute your audio as you train for the WWH (or any Fall marathons/half marathons !), then please feel free to send us a short audio MP3 file - we'd love to hear from you and include you in the show. You can email your audio to :
The music featured in this show is all from, the podsafe music network :

  • "On My Way" by 2 am

  • "Run Away" by Alan Woodall Band

  • "Run Run Run" by The Goldstars

We hope you enjoy the new show and hope your training is going well !

Chris, Kevin and Nigel.

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Gordon Scott said...

What a great idea guys!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I love the podcast and the format as well.

One thought would be to highlight a particular person's training for the week if they went "The Extra Mile" or had a really good work out. You might want to give out a schedule for when shows will be released so that if wish to contribute that we won't miss a deadline...

MarathonChris said...

Terry - great comments!!! I think we are considering weekly podcasts although we are still working the logistics on how we assemble the inputs each week. It would be nice to get the show out in time for everyone's weekend long runs, which I would say would require inputs to be emailed in no later than Wednesday morning (EST) - maybe even Tuesday.

Drusy said...

Brilliant! This will really help me get out there in the summer heat for my WWH training. Great episode. Looking forward to the next!

monk said...

great idea.I will be listening to each episode.As steve runner says run long and taper!