The Extra Mile Community Calendar

Are you looking to add a bit of a "kick in the pants" to your training or goal? What better way is there than to climb out on that branch!

In an effort to give you that chance, The Extra Mile Podcast introduces

The Extra Mile Podcast Community Calendar 

So here's the deal....

Email us your upcoming event or goal and we will add it to The Community Calendar for all the world to see! YIKES!! Kinda puts you out there don't you think? 

In addition, it will allow your fellow Extra Milers to keep track of you and your event/goal as well. 

Pretty cool huh?

Send us the following information for The Calendar:

What: i.e. Kevin Gwin is running the Boston Marathon!  (stop laughing)
When:  April 20, 2015
Description: BREIFLY tell us all here what you are doing. Is there a way we can follow the race and your training? Do you have a blog/facebook/Twitter page? Use this area as you wish.

Send your email to:

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